"What I like about the school is that it teaches people with a difference to help us in life." - Joshua Motley

“Triumph has done an excellent job identifying my son’s strengths and weaknesses.” - Mother

“I used to fight with my grandson about doing his homework. Now I don’t even have to tell him to get started - he’s excited about learning, and that wasn’t the case before.”  - Grandmother

“The 1-on-1 instruction and hands-on approach have made all the difference!” - Grandmother


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Investments in the best educators and facilitators of a strong curriculum.

A Day in the Life
School. Close-up photograph of a student's hand with colorful paint smudged on it. The student's fingers are slightly spread apart and the palm of the hand is pressed flat against a white piece of paper, leaving behind a handprint with swirling patterns and bold colors. The art handprint is a creative representation of the student's artistic expression
At Triumph School, a diverse group of students and teachers
Amid cheers and applause, a group of African American students proudly don their graduation caps and gowns at Triumph School, celebrating their academic achievements and the bright futures that lie ahead.