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Helping Students Triumph In Life And School

About student at Triumph picking out a book

Our Mission

The mission of Triumph School is to inspire a love of learning in a culturally inclusive environment where all are valued.

Our Vision

To produce well rounded, independent learners who are capable of succeeding in both academic and career settings.

At Triumph School, a diverse group of students and teachers
Amidst the welcoming environment of Triumph School, an African American student in purple engrosses themselves in a book, fostering a love of learning and a passion for personal growth.

Our Story

Triumph in Life, Inc. was founded in 2008 by a then-public school teacher who saw the need for mentoring and other enrichment activities for her “high-functioning” students who had severe academic deficits. 

It was her vision to create a continuum of academic, mentoring, and awareness programs that would meet the needs of her students by filling in the gaps left by traditional schools that have not lived up to the promise of No Child Left Behind. After serving deserving students with high-quality mentoring and educating parents, teachers, and school leaders on best practices for educating students with specific learning disabilities, in 2014 Triumph in Life, Inc. started Triumph Transitions Institute, now known as Triumph School. 

Meet the Team

Cindy Lumpkin

Our Founder

Cindy Lumpkin

Cindy Lumpkin has a personal interest in Triumph Transition Institute because like the students that attend, she has dyslexia. With the help of her mother and some outstanding teachers, she was able to overcome the effects of the learning difference on her life while learning to successfully manage what remained.

She resigned from her post in a large urban school district in 2011 after having been a successful special education teacher, including a co-teacher, and administrator, leading over 12 special education teachers and paraprofessionals to pursue a love of speaking, inspiring others and run Triumph in Life, a non-profit organization she founded with a mission to inspire those with learning differences.

Because of her decision to no longer be “ashamed” of her dyslexic status, she has been on a personal quest to help others like her fulfill their dreams. As Founder and Headmaster of Triumph Transitions Institute she is doing just that…helping others, like her, achieve their goals and reach their full potential in life.

Cindy has written several books and articles about learning differences and special education and is often asked to guest speak as an authority on learning differences.

Our location

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